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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hot Pooja Chopra Accused Of Cheating; Police Complaint Filed By Ex-Stylist & Jeweller

The Commando actor’s ex-stylist and a popular jewellery brand have alleged that Chopra borrowed a set of expensive diamond earrings but later claimed that it was stolen and hasn’t paid compensation yet...

Pooja Chopra, who started her Bollywood journey with Vipul Shah’s action flick Commando opposite Vidyut Jamwal, is in a dilemma. Her ex-stylist Anisha Jain, along with Anmol Jewellers, has filed a complaint at the Bandra police station alleging that Chopra borrowed diamond earrings worth Rs 5 lakhs and later refused to return it and pay compensation.

Reportedly, the complaint suggests that for an event in March, Pooja’s stylist Jain (then) picked up three pair of earrings from Anmol Jewellers on the actor’s behalf. In her complaint, Anisha says that Pooja informed her that the earrings were stolen two days after the event and that she had filed a police complaint regarding the theft. Pooja was willing to pay for the earrings but later refused to do so and even after repeated attempts, did not budge. So Jain was left with no choice but to file a police complaint along with Anmol Jewellers against Chopra.

An executive of the jewellery brand while talking to a newspaper said, “Pooja wanted to buy the earrings since she liked it but later told us that they had been stolen but assured us that she would pay for the loss. But she didn’t do that.” On her defense, Pooja says, “When I filed a case of theft two months ago, the cops told me not to pay the amount since investigations were on. I have no problem paying, but when there is a possibility of the jewellery being recovered, I have every right to try my luck. I’m waiting for the investigations to get over.”

Two years ago, a small-time producer had accused Riya Sen of stealing jeans from his movie sets. Well, we wonder what’s with stars – they earn in crores, but can’t pay in lakhs, it seems!

but later claimed that it was stolen and refused to pay compensation.

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